Karen Tintori

Karen Tintori knew she'd be a writer from age twelve. As a child, she walked ten blocks to the public library, checked out as many books as she could carry between her interlocked fingers and her chin, read them quickly and returned for another stack.

Before she was thirteen, she'd read the entire children's section and bristled when the librarians would not permit her to borrow books from the adult section until she was of age. Patience was a lesson she'd begin to learn early--the librarians invited her, instead, to re-read the children's section.  

Is your book club reading one of Karen's books? Feel free to drop her a note to arrange a phone or Skype call to join your group's discussion. Karen loves hearing from her readers, enjoys traveling to meet them, and welcomes speaking invitations. 


We are delighted to welcome Gold Book to our growing list of foreign publishers for The Book of Names.

Our thriller, THE ILLUMINATION, was published in January, 2009, by St. Martin's Press, and by Rowholt in Germany in December, 2008.

Natalie Landau, a museum curator with an expertise in Mesopotamian protective amulets and magical beliefs, has received a puzzling gift from her sister Dana--a necklace with a blue evil eye pendant on it. The Evil Eye is a symbol of protection common throughout the world, with a history connecting it to many religions. 

St. Martin's Griffin imprint will publish the trade paperback edition of Unto the Daughters on July 8, 2008.  Academicians and book clubs will especially appreciate the inclusion of Readers' Guide questions at the back of the book.

Aside from its nomination for a 2008 Michigan Notable Book Award, I am most proud that Unto the Daughters will be included in the first history of Michigan's Italians, currently being researched and written by an anthropologist with Italian and Michigan roots.

Click here to watch the book trailer for the paperback release of The Book of Names.  In stores, February 5, 2008.  Pre-order at Amazon.com now.

We are thrilled to announce that Romania has become the nineteeth country to acquire translation rights to The Book of Names, and Greece brings the total to twenty.

The news book clubs have been waiting for --The Book of Names is now in stores in paperback from St. Martin's. Stop in at your nearest bookseller or order now for instant shipping from Amazon.com or your favorite online store. 

Check your local or online bookseller for your copy now!  Happy reading!    


Fourteen years after learning about my great-aunt Francesca, I drove out to the island where she was murdered with Detroit News reporter, Susan Whitall.  The News' videographer, David Coates, and photographer, Donna Terek, recorded the emotional visit to Detroit's Belle Isle -- my first in more than two decades.

Whitall's front-page story, which appeared in The Detroit News on November 10, 2007, is reprinted below, with the permission of The Detroit News.  You may also access the story, together with the accompanying video and photo gallery directly from The Detroit News site.