Das Buch der Namen--the German language edition of The Book of Names--was Rowohlt's December, 2006, lead title. With 80,000 copies in print, it became a bestseller, and has fluctuated among the top 100 selling books on Amazon.de and other German online bookstores.

Even if you cannot read German, pop over to Rowohlt's impressive and foreboding Das Buch der Namen website--replete with flash, animated graphics and music. You might even find the interview Rowohlt did with Karen and Jill, exploring their backgrounds and why the duo wrote about mysticism and the Kabbalah.

One lucky German reader will win a trip to London by solving the multi-layered puzzle Rowohlt is featuring on the Das Buch der Namen website.  Readers must find answers in the book--and from other sources--to solve each piece of the puzzle before they can advance to the next level.