Karen Tintori

Karen Tintori knew she'd be a writer from age twelve. As a child, she walked ten blocks to the public library, checked out as many books as she could carry between her interlocked fingers and her chin, read them quickly and returned for another stack.

Before she was 13, she'd read the entire children's section and bristled when the librarians would not permit her to borrow books from the adult section until she was of age. Patience was a lesson she'd begin to learn early--the librarians invited her, instead, to re-read the children's section.  

Is your book club reading one of Karen's books? Feel free to drop her a note to arrange a phone or Skype call to join your group's discussion. Karen loves hearing from her readers, enjoys traveling to meet them, and welcomes speaking invitations. 


Book Signing a Sell-Out

It was a day of flurried phone calls, with the signing on again, off again after the ice storm that had hit the area several days prior decided to sneak up on the strip mall early in the day to knock out Borders' (and every other tenant's) electricity just as everyone else's power in town was being restored.

But by evening, Borders Books and the reception there was warm. Jill and I read a short section of the book and shared how we came to write about the Lamed Vovniks. We fielded fans' questions about the book, about how we work together and our work-in-progress.

By evening's end, we'd autographed Borders' entire stock of The Book of Names and the staff was happily ordering more.