Karen Tintori

Karen Tintori knew she'd be a writer from age twelve. As a child, she walked ten blocks to the public library, checked out as many books as she could carry between her interlocked fingers and her chin, read them quickly and returned for another stack.

Before she was 13, she'd read the entire children's section and bristled when the librarians would not permit her to borrow books from the adult section until she was of age. Patience was a lesson she'd begin to learn early--the librarians invited her, instead, to re-read the children's section.  

Is your book club reading one of Karen's books? Feel free to drop her a note to arrange a phone or Skype call to join your group's discussion. Karen loves hearing from her readers, enjoys traveling to meet them, and welcomes speaking invitations. 


Karen and Jill's German publisher, Rowohlt, and Family Leisure Club in Russia are the first foreign publishers to buy translation rights for their upcoming hidden history thriller, The Illumination.

The story centers on Natalie Landau, a museum curator who fights to learn who murdered her reporter sister in Iraq - and battles powerful sources pursuing the mysterious gift her sister, Dana, sent her before she died - a biblical treasure from the dawn of time with the power to transform - or destroy - the world.

St Martin's plans to publish The Illumination in hardcover in June, 2008.

Das Buch der Namen is still a firm fixture on the German bestseller list, nineteen weeks after Rowohlt first published their edition of The Book of Names in December, 2006. Vielen Dank to all the German fans!

Uniboek, Dutch publisher of The Book of Names (Het Boek der Namen in The Netherlands) challenged students at JUNIOR* Academie voor Art Direction to design a total marketing campaign for the book's launch. Uniboek editor Sander Verheijen invited Jill and me to help him and his panel of experts judge the competition - a extremely difficult task - and invited readers to cast their votes, too.

With copies flying off the shelves, St. Martin's Press has gone back to press for a second printing of The Book of Names.  If you're having trouble finding a copy in your local bookstore, hop over to the Buy the Books section on Karen's website, or ask your local bookstore to order a copy for you.



The Book of Names continues to sell strongly in Germany, where, as Das Buch der Namen, it captured the #11 spot on the best seller lists.

Portuguese publisher Gradiva has just acquired translation rights to The Book of Names, bringing the number of foreign publishers to acquire translation rights to sixteen.

No sooner had we announced the second printing of The Book of Names than the happy word came from Karen's and Jill's editor that St. Martin's had gone back to press for the fourth time to keep up with the demand for copies of The Book of Names -- meaning that the third printing zipped right off the shelves before the authors even knew it existed!

The Borders staff in Farmington Hills, Michigan was busy adding additional seating for the fans and friends who turned out to hear Jill and me during our kick-off signing event for The Book of Names.